Ciao! It’s so nice to meet you!

We are Jasmijn, Melissa and Sher, all Dutch and Enzo, our Sicilian member. We all have a very true love for traveling, Italy and food. Studio Norma is a project spawned out of that same passion for seeing the world, pasta and entrepreneurship.

Jasmijn is the mastermind behind Studio Norma. As a videomaker she traveled the world shooting all sorts of businesses. After basically living from her suitcase for several years, she decided it was time to settle. Sicily it was. Without knowing a word of Italian she bought a ‘wreck’ that she completely renovated with her boyfriend Enzo and an amazing team of constructors. Now, she wants to share her love for Sciacca with the world, so she decided to create a dream team and start Studio Norma.

Sher & Melissa (mother and daughter) are the other members of the dream team. Next to being a very enthusiastic Zumba instructor, Sher is an administrative powerhouse that will also take care of all of the bookings. Melissa has worked in the social media / advertising space for several years and will take care of Studio Norma Strategy, socials and copy!

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