Benvenuti to
Studio Norma

Studio Norma is our homage to home. Our place on earth we created especially for those who want to see what slow living is really about. We encourage you to unwind. Eat and sleep exceptionally well. Have a morning coffee overlooking the ocean. Go for a swim. Wash off the salt of your skin in our luxurious marble shower cabin. Crash in that crispy, fresh linen…

In our two carefully curated studios that sleep up to four people each, true craftsmanship is the essence. The more local, the happier we are. Each tile you see was handpicked and handmade. The olive oil we provide to dip your focaccia in comes from farmer Paolo who lives just 3 km away, in handcrafted ceramics designed for Studio Norma alone.

Step inside your own Italian dream

We invite you to be the main character of an Italian movie

All of the crafts that
were born on the island

There’s a reason behind this almost obsessive quest for craftsmanship. We believe that the breathtaking beauty of Sicily must be preserved in every possible way. The food (!). The nature. The people. All of the crafts that were born on the island. This is our way of contributing to all those beautiful Sicilian traditions. At the same time this gives us the chance to give each and every person coming to Studio Norma the experience of pure nostalgic living, while getting all the modern-day luxuries you would ever need.

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Sciacca, Sicily

Studio Norma is located in small fisherman’s village Sciacca, a place where the clock was paused many, many years ago. Strolling around in Sciacca feels like wandering around in an Italian movie from the 50’s. But better – because this is your reality now. Within the carefully crafted ceramic tiled streets, locals take their time. At Studio Norma, we encourage you to take your time too. Count all the shades of blue the ocean has to offer. Get lost in the narrow, steep streets. Taste with every single taste bud.

Simply step inside our age old doorsteps to start your unwinding ride and be comforted by the breathtaking oceanfront views.